2 October 2016

Shopping: September 2016

This seems to have been the month I finally got around to making my mind up as to what I wanted to use some of the birthday money I got on.

Jack Skellington Plugs

Yankee Candle Wax Tarts, mostly Witches Brew. If my house doesn't smell of Nag Champa incense then it is the Witches Brew scent, patchouli and spice.
Also got Midsummer Night and Midnight Jasmine to try as well.

Witches Brew Candle and Forbidden Apple Tart

HK Girl Top Coat
'holy grail' top coat

5 Litres Acetone
Hoping this will last a while!

Acetone Free remover
Glycerin for making the acetone not be drying
20p cotton wool pads

Wet n Wild Lipsticks, Vamp It Up and Cherry Bomb 

W7 Genius Foundation in Buff

Raspberry Sundae and Rainwashed Berry


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