5 December 2016

Swatch: Wet n' Wild MegaLast Lip Color - Vamp It Up / Style Vamp (919B)

Swatch-Wet-n-Wild-MegaLast-Lip-Color-Vamp-It-Up-Style-919B Swatch-Wet-n-Wild-MegaLast-Lip-Color-Vamp-It-Up-Style-919B

The lipstick is a semi matte finish and is a dark purple colour. It wears well and I really like the formula of these lipsticks, because they are semi matte in finish they last a long while and isn't something you have to constantly check up on, which when wearing a dark lip is especially important. This one is dark and gothic and I like how wearing it in the winter is more socially acceptable than in the summer. That said more and more I am wearing what I want to rather than trying not to stick out.


As with all of the MegaLast lipsticks I have tried this one is very pigmented, one swipe shown below.


And swatched on my lips; 



  1. Oh wow, the swatches look a lot darker than it does look like in the packaging!


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