29 January 2017

Collection: Plugs

Now I have both ears stretched to 10mm (00g) I thought it would be good to share my small plug collection. I have tunnels etc but these are just my plugs. I don't plan on stretching them further, but I do plan on getting more ear piercings, I only have 12 in my ears!

I keep them in this ornate trinket box:

I do plan on getting more to DIY with nail polish and stamping soon.

Festive Red Glitter // Tree // Fairy // Galaxy // Jack Skellington // Moon // Sugar Skull // Anchor // Earth



  1. Nice start for a collection, be careful once you reached YOUR size these little things get addicting! (I found my size at 2mm or 1/2)

    1. I know the addiction well ;) my aim was always 10mm and see what I felt like when I got there. Ive been 10mm for over a year now and think I'll stick with it for now. Although I do need to get another piercing soon lol!


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