7 January 2017

Stamping Plate: Born Pretty Store - L053*


This is a large stamping plate measuring 125mm by 65mm. It comes backed with a hard plastic and with a festive cardboard sleeve.


On the plate itself it has 17 full nail images, They are mandala style images. As you can see all of the images stamped across really well which is great, really crisp lines. Some of them are better for long nails than others but the plate is a good sized ones for longer nails.

Here are some nail art designs I have done using this stamping plate:

Mandala Accent;


Silver Mandala;


Flower Accent;


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You can check out all of the new arrivals at BornPrettyStore here and what is currently most popular here.

Born Pretty Store - $5.99

1 comment:

  1. I like the first one with the plum base the best. They are all pretty though as the metallics are my favorite finishes.


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