25 February 2017

Swatch: Barry M - Gingerbread (Superdrug Limited Edition)


Colour: Bronze
Finish: Glass Flecked
Opacity: Two Coats over black
Brush Type: Flat, Wide, Rounded Cuticle
How Much? 10ml


23 February 2017

Swatch: Leighton Denny - Really Royal


Colour: Purple Noir, looks black in most lighting
Finish: Créme
Opacity: Two Coats
Brush Type: Standard
How Much? 12ml


21 February 2017

Swatch: Barry M - Black Forest

I have tried a lot of black nail polishes throughout the years and this one is one I would really, really recommend. It is almost opaque in one coat an the new gelly brush makes it so easy to create a smooth cuticle line and no clean up required.


Colour: Black
Finish: Cream
Opacity: Two Coats
Brush Type: Flat, Wide, Rounded Cuticle
How Much? 10ml


19 February 2017

Empties: January 2017

I didn't think I'd actually used anything up this month but apparently I have!

TRESemmé - Keratin Smooth Conditioner - I do really like this conditioner, it means I don't have to do anything with my hair as it washed and air drys smooth enough with this conditioner. However I didn't realise keratin was animal derived, and so I won't be repurchasing. I have a few back ups which I will use up but certainly not be repurchasing.
Soap and Glory - Scrub of Your Life - I liked this as a shower gel but didn't find it very scrubby at all. I think I have a full size of this to work through so we will see if I change my mind but for now this isn't something I will be repurchasing.

Yes Love - 408 - A shimmer green, this was quite sheer but still a nice polish [swatch].
ELF - Mint Cream - Nice enough but with everything ELF I won't be repurchasing as it is difficult to get in the UK [swatch].

Max Factor Masterpiece - Mascara - Not sure where I got this sample mascara from but I liked it, separating and lengthening but a good basic day to day mascara.
Lip Smacker - Fanta Tropical Lipbalm - I really liked this one, it smelt nice and felt like it did what it was supposed to do and didn't leave much if any colour on my lips.
Snoopy Lipbalm - This one was more waxy and less moisturising. The scent was of fake strawberry.

Yankee Candle Merry Mint Chocolate Wax Melts - These smelt amazing in the packet, however I didn't find that they smelt of anything once melting which was disappointing.
Tesco - Spiced Berry Candle - Again this smelt amazing in the packaging and yet once burning there was no scent to it.