12 March 2017

Empties: February 2017

No nail polishes used up this month!

Maple Holistics Argan Shampoo - This was nice enough, quite a stripping shampoo though so needed a good conditioner to follow up with [full review].
Lush - So White Bath Bomb - This was a very lightly fragranced bath bomb, not something I would buy again though,
L'Oreal - Elvive Clay Masque - I didn't have much hope for this, but it did actually help stretch the time in between washing my hair, I think I got an extra day from using this sample but I would have to trial it again to make my mind up fully.

Waitrose Cotton Pads - These were pretty basic but were fine to use,
Avon Far Away Perfume - Glad to have used this up but this is not a scent I would have chosen for myself.
Yankee Candle Egyptian Musk Votive Candle - A vaguely masculine scent but didn't have much of a scent throw.
Yankee Candle Christmas Eve Votive Candle - Scent is very much a generic candle shop. Didn't have much of a scent throw.

Miss Beauty - Setting Powder Ivory 18 - This powder was a good match for my pale skin tone. I think it may be a contender to my ELF complexion perfection, although I have heard rumours ELF may be coming back to the UK in to Superdrug.
Maybelline - The Falsies Mascara - I like the curved brush on this mascara, the formula though always seemed to make my bottom lashes get stuck and tangled with my bottom lashes. I don't know if that is because I have particularly long straight lashes or if it were the formula.
ELF - Blush Brush - I won this brush, but I never really liked it, I think it is animal hair based but it sheds and it isn't soft at all. I have other blush brushes I prefer.


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