30 April 2017

Enigmatic Rambles Turns 7!

At the end of April Enigmatic Rambles turned seven!

96,000 page views
3100 blog posts

I never imagined seven years ago I would still be blogging. Blogging certainly has changed along the way with the arrival of 'influencers' and other such bloggers who blog as a job and get paid for it.

I am not one of those bloggers, I primarily blog for myself, to share nail art and other things. Along the way I may do a review for a company but those posts are always marked as being sent for review and just because an item was sent to me doesn't affect my review.

If your still visiting my blog I wanted to thank you, if your new here, hello!

Let's see where the next year takes this blog.


28 April 2017

27 April 2017

Swatch: Leighton Denny - Gemstone Buzz


Colour: Red
Finish: Cream
Opacity: Two Coats
Brush Type: Standard
How Much? 12ml


23 April 2017

Swatch: Barry M - Holographic Lights (Molten Metal)


Colour: Silver
Finish: Holographic
Opacity: Three Coats
Brush Type: Flat, Wide, Rounded Cuticle
How Much? 10ml

I have a few holographic polishes in my collection and compared Holographic Lights to those;

A England - Encore Margot
[With Flash]
Encore Margot is a beautiful polish, however not as holographic as the Barry M.

GOSH - Holographic (original)
[With Flash]
GOSH Holographic is stunning, even in standard lighting. This is the elusive original swatched, I did do a comparison post to the newer formula but I think even that one has been discontinued.

HITS - Hefesto
[With Flash]
Hefesto is more of a top coat which you would apply over any base colour to turn it holographic.


21 April 2017

Nail Guide Polish Finishes - 30 Different Types

I have wanted to do a post like this since 2010 but then I didn't have examples of everything I needed to show. However today is the day to show the current various finishes I own. Also since 2010 there have been a lot of new polish finishes created.

Cream / Cremé

Cream finishes are what you most often find, run of the mill, easy to find, plain simple full opaque polishes which come in every colour.


Metallic / Chrome

The finish of these tend to be metal like, giving the effect of metal nails. These are common in typical metal colours, copper, bronze, gold and silver.

ELF - Copper // Barry M - Silver Foil Effect

Glitter - Standard

These are your typical fine glitters, they sometimes come in a clear base such as with the Magenta or they may come in a tinted suspension like Red Dazzle.

W7 - Red Dazzle // Models Own - Magenta

Glitter - Micro

Micro glitter is exactly as the name suggests, very small fine glitter shapes, smaller than the 'standard' glitter shown above. This glitter tends to be a topcoat in a clear base rather than a polish you would wear as is.

Jessica - Holographic Top Coat Silver

Glitter - Hex

Hex shaped glitter are larger than standard glitters and are hexagonal in shape, they can come in both clear and tinted bases. Both of these are in clear bases.

Nails Inc - King's Way // Claire's - Dizzy

Glitter - Flitter / Bar / String

This type of glitter is fine stands of bar glitter, usually in a clear base and can be of any colour.

Barry M - Bubblegum // Barry M - Licorice

Glitter - Multi

Multi glitter tends to be a glitter in a clear base but that isn't always the case. Multi glitters contain multiple shaped glitters, these examples have hex, string and standard glitter shapes.


Glitter - Shaped

Shaped glitter is usually glitter in shapes, the Kleancolor polish shows stars and the Tara Talon's shows hearts, diamonds and spades.

Kleancolor - Silver Start 31 // Tara's Talon's - Show Me Your Cards

Glass Flecked

Glass flecked polishes are like a standard cremé polish with a great twist, the twist being they contain small glass pieces in the polish so that they sort of twinkle. Similar to a standard glitter but not as in your face or such a pain to remove

Barry M - Sparkling Ruby // Barry M - Sparkling Amethyst


Matte polishes tend to be one colour which are not shiny, not glossy. You can get matte polishes, or top coats which go over any polish to make them matte.



Satin is quite similar to matte but not quite. I like to think of satin halfway between cremé and matte but perhaps leaning more towards matte but not quite.

Barry M - Silk - Poppy // Barry M - Silk - Orchid


Suede's are completely matte although they do have flecks within them which makes the different to matte polishes.

Avon ColourTrend - Blue Royale // Avon ColourTrend - Soft Violet


These polishes are filled with metallic flecks which once you hold a magnet over the top of the wet polish it pulls of the flecks leaving a design on the nails.



A duochrome nail polish is once which shines one colour but reflects another when moved. For example Max Factor Fantasy Fire (a dupe for Clarins 230 unicorn pee) looks purple but also looks red. The Rimmel is red which shines purple.

Max Factor - Fantasy Fire // Rimmel - Purple Reign


Flakies are chunks, or flakes suspended in a jelly or clear base. These flakes tend to be duochrome such as in the Orly polish or the tend to be pearlescent like in the Avon.

Avon - Opal Top Coat // Orly - Fowl Play

Holographic - Linear

Small pieces holographic, shine a rainbow in direct light, inside they can look a little bit dull and not exciting but they really come to life in sunlight or direct light. The linear part is where the light creates a rainbow spreading outwards from the centre.


Holographic - Scattered

Again small pieces of holographic which do shine a rainbow in direct light however this is more dispersed over the whole nail rather than only down the middle.

A England - Let Me In // A England - St. George


Textured polishes have a 3d quality to them, you can feel a sand like finish to them similar to glitter polishes but more intense.

OPI - Alcatraz... Rocks // Seventeen - Rock Hard Nail Effects - Blue


Leather finish is again as it suggests one which looks like leather, less 3d than a full on texture, a little more than a glitter, but more smoother in finish and semi matte, slightly lumpy rather than gritty if that makes sense.

Claire's - Leather


Neon polishes are bright vivid neon colours, they have a tenancy to dry semi matte and need a couple of coats to be opaque. Sometimes using a white base helps the neon to really pop.

Color Club - Warhol // Color Club - Wham Pow

Jelly / Sheer

Sheer or jelly polishes are polishes which are far from opaque, they are used for a sheerer look or for creating a layered look. Such as with the second photo creating a black lace overlay.

W7 - Chocolate Pudding // Miss Sporty - Goth Me Up


Shimmers are cream polishes with added bits, different to a glitter though. The shimmer tends to lean towards gold and silver but not always.

Sinful Colors - Hot Spot 943 // Leighton Denny - Chestnut Charm


Along similar lines to metallic polishes, but with added extras such as glitter, glass flecks and shimmery bits.

Models Own - Gold Rush // Kleancolor - Metallic Fuchsia

Pearl / Pearlescent / Lustre

Pearlescent polishes have a look of pearl to them, they tend to be lighter in colour and less opaque. These don't seem to be all that popular any more.

Leighton Denny - Moon Shine // La Femme - Lilac 22


These almost always have brush strokes visible, they tend to look a little bit metallic which always have a frosted glass type of look to them.

La Femme - Hot Pink 24 // La Femme - Passion

Shatter / Crackle

This type of polish is one you apply over a dry base colour and it reacts to it, splits and breaks up in to a crackle or shattered design with a matte finish.


Croc Effect

Croc is very similar to shatter polish, this time creates more uniform shapes which are cream in finish whereas the crackle creates matte shapes.

Barry M - Croc Effect - Black // Barry M - Croc Effect - Burgundy

Glow in the Dark

These polishes glow in the dark as well as react to UV / black light.

Primark PS Love - Glow in the Dark

Colour Changing - Reactive

The Barry M polish changes colour from a blue to a red when you apply a top coat.

Barry M - Chameleon Blue


As the name suggests these polishes change colour when in varying temperatures.



These polishes are more elusive and I don't have one to share with you. Very similar to a jelly polish, but even less opaque.

Have I missed any polishes out?