9 August 2017

Review: Barry M - Super Slick Lip Paint - Berrylicious 171

A while ago Barry M teamed up with Listerine, if you bought a mouthwash then you got a free lipstick. I chose shade 171 Berrylicious.

Review-Swatch-Barry-M-Super-Slick-Lip-Paint-Berrylicious-171 Review-Swatch-Barry-M-Super-Slick-Lip-Paint-Berrylicious-171

This lipstick is a satin finish, which is different to the matte finish ones overwhelming the market at the moment. Berrylicious is made with shea butter and vitamin E which make for a shiny finish.

There is no scent to the lip paint.


The packaging is a gunmetal colour and the bullet itself has a 'BM' engraved in the side of it.

For me this colour isn't my kind of thing but it was the darkest in the free offer.

Swatched on my hand;


Swatched on my lips;


The lipstick is very moisturising, glossy in finish and because of that it doesn't last too long on the lips and wouldn't be kiss proof nor stay on through eating and drinking.

I blot this lipstick down to make it last longer and to be less glossy looking;


It is a good antidote to the ultra drying matte liquid lipstick trend.

Overall the lipstick is a good one, I wouldn't go out of my way to buy a super slick lip paint but that is based on the colour selection. I blot this lipstick down to make it less glossy and then for me it is a lot more wearable.


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