2 August 2017

Review: QiBest Soft Matte Lip Cream 630 (#30 Black)


This liquid lipstick is a pure black shade which is matte in finish. I found this swatched on my hand the same colour that it ended up on my lips. This only needed one coat to achieve full opacity, which is good for a black lipstick.

Hand Swatch:

It didn't need setting although once dried it does stick to itself a little bit, not as bad as the MeNow liquid lipsticks. It does last for hours, and eventually it does begin to crumble from the inside out. It has no scent in the tube or on the lips.

The applicator is a traditional doe foot one:

Swatched on my lips;

I think a lip liner is needed with this shade because with a doe foot applicator you can't get the cleanest of edges which you need from darker shades.

This isn't my favourite formula of liquid lipstick, I prefer the DUX brand, however they don't do a black shade.

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