18 September 2017

Swatch: MoYou - Peel Off Polish - Fiery Flamenco*

 MoYou have released a new range of peel off nail polishes, in nine different colours and finishes. The bottles are rectangle which is different from their stamping polish range. They are water based and non toxic.

This is Fiery Flamenco which is a vibrant red shade.


Review-Swatch-MoYou-Peel-Off-Polish-Fiery-FlamencoColour: Red
Finish: Cream
Opacity: Two Coats
Brush Type: Slightly Flattened
How Much? 11ml

I found this polish easy enough to work with, this shade worked best using two thin coats, which is easy to do.

This shade doesn't stain which can be a concern on a vibrant red like this one.

They don't damage your nails, they can be a little drying but nothing a dab of cuticle oil can't fix.

These polishes can be worn alone or with nail art.




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