21 October 2017

Stamping Plate: Born Pretty Store - 126 (Skull Scary Face Zombies)

I bought some Halloween stamping plates a while ago and am excited now it is October to use them!

Stamping-Plate-Born-Pretty-Store-126-BP-126-BP126-Skull-Scary-Face-Zombies-Halloween Stamping-Plate-Born-Pretty-Store-126-BP-126-BP126-Skull-Scary-Face-Zombies-Halloween

This is a regular sized circle stamping plate, it has nine nail images all zombie heads.


I found that all of the images stamped well, I like all of the zombie faces as I am not good at drawing faces and this saves me the job.

This plate is great for reverse stamping.

Here are some nails I have done using this plate:


And here is a link to all of the nail art I have done using BP-126.

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