15 November 2017

Review: Born Pretty Store - 24 Slot Stamping Plate Holder


I have numerous rectangle stamping plates and nowhere to store them, so I looked on Born Pretty Store and bought this one.

This one is made from PU and is split in to two sides, one side holds rectangle plates (8 spaces) and the other holds square plates (16 spaces).


The design of this holder means that you can't double up on plates, they will fit in the plastic dividers but the holder won't zip up if you do that.

It is sturdy which is what you need from a stamping plate holder. I like the holder and most likely will be purchasing another similar one that only holds rectangle plates as I seem to be getting more of those to fit my longer nails.

If only it came in black rather than pink!

Born Pretty Store - $6.99


  1. This is like a travel sized holder then. LoL, we're opposites, I love that it comes in pink! I wish it held more plates. I love the little tassel hanging down and the zipper pull.

    1. It does sound as if we're opposites! I wish it held more too, I need another one I think.


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