10 December 2017

Empties: November 2017

With the end of another month I have another empties post to share, including TWELVE polishes! That even surprised me.

Kleancolor - Silver Star - I've had this for many years and the star shaped glitter seems to have melted in to random shards rather than stars which is why I am binning this [swatch].
Models Own - Magenta Divine - This was one of my first Models Own glitters, in fact one of my first glitters. Which means it has all but dried up, there was barely any left either [swatch].
Leighton Denny - Razzmatazz - One of my first Leighton Denny polishes, I liked this but it has completely dried up and there was hardly any left to begin with [swatch].
Sinful Colors - Snow Me White - I have gone through one of these before, it is a good staple basic white polish for nail art, and if you are that way inclined wearing as is! I would repurchase this [swatch]

Champneys - Nude - Basic sheer nude polish, not something I particularly go for so not a repurchase item.
MoYou Nails - Special Nail Polish - Black - This is my favourite black stamping polish, it is opaque and always works and so I will be repurchasing [full review].
La Femme - Mint Cream - A good basic mint green cremé finish polish, I won't repurchase as I have many similar polishes [swatch].
Jacava - Vanilla Slice - This is a off white shade, warmer toned white. The formula on these polishes are nice but I find the long brush handle on the polish makes the very difficult to store, and so won't be repurchasing [swatch].

Leighton Denny - Miss Behavin' - A navy shimmer polish, I liked this although the mini bottles don't last long enough. I have other polishes the same shade so won't be repurchasing [swatch].
La Femme - Mocha - A dusty pink shade, nice enough but I have too many pinks to repurchase [swatch].
La Femme - Pink Cream - A good basic pink polish, again I have so many pinks I don't need to repurchase [swatch].
Technic - Carnival - This had completely dried up, however it is very similar to Barry M Rule Britannia one and so no need to track it down to repurchase [swatch].

Yankee Candle - Barry Trifle - Voitive - Didn't find this had much of a scent throw.
Yankee Candle - Black Cherry - Wax Tart - This had a good scent throw, and did smell of cherries. I will be repurchasing this one.
Yankee Candle - Fireside Treats - Wax Tart - Again I didn't find that this had any scent throw to it.
Yankee Candle - Rainwashed Berry - Voitive - This had a bit of a scent to it, still not sure what a rain washed berry is though.

Yankee Candle - Christmas Memories - Votive - Didn't notice any scent throw on this one.
Yankee Candle - Raspberry Sundae - Wax Tart - This one had a slight fruity, berry scent throw to it.
Yankee Candle - Snowflake Cookie - Votive - The scent on this was so subtle that I barely noticed it burning in the corner.
Yankee Candle - Rhubarb Crumble - Wax Tart - This definitely had a sweet but also a tart rhubarb scent to it which was surprisingly good considering the bad luck I have had this past month with products not having a scent throw. Would repurchase this one.

La Roche-Posay - Nutritc Intense - Moisturiser - I think this is one of the most intense moisturisers that they do, this did sink in quite quickly although did leave my face looking shiny as well as not playing well with makeup, it kept balling up. Not much of a scent to it. I won't be repurchasing this one, I preferred the version of this in a jar which seemed to work better for my skin.
Asda - NSPA - Blur Primer - I do like this primer, it is a repurchased product already and I probably will be buying it again. It helps mattify my skin and makes foundation sit better over textured skin.
ELF - Lip Exfoliator - This is a great idea, I much prefer having a lip exfoliate in a bullet type packaging than a jar. This one it pretty grainy too which can be a good thing or a bad thing. I might repurchasing this.

Walls - Funny Feet - Lip Balm - I go through so many lip balms, this one was cute and did its job. Not sure it smelled like the ice lolly though.
L'Occitane - Lip Balm - The packaging on this was a little bit different on this, you squeezed it and and little bit of product came out of the tip. I really didn't like this one though it almost dried out my lips which is surprising for a L'Occitane product as there hand cream's are good.
Leighton Denny - Slick Tips To Go - I like slick tips, it is nicely moisturising, it smells of lemon grass. It does hurt though if you get it in your eyes... My complaint about this is the packaging, you can't see when you are getting low on product. I would repurchase slick tips again.
Boots - Acetone Free Remover - Very basic product but it does what it is supposed to do and would repurchase.

Lush - Golden Wonder - Bath Bomb - This was a gift but I really did not like this, it is packed full of glitter and so it didn't matter how amazing this might have smelled I was put off. Glad to have used it up, but certainly won't repurchase [full review].
Asda - Cotton Oval Pads - Basic, double sided pads, nothing bad to say, I would repurchase.
Lush - Sex Bomb - Bath Bomb - Still my favourite Lush bath bomb, the heady jasmine scent which lingers is something I enjoy and would repurchase again and again [full review].


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