15 December 2017

Nail Polish Battle 2017: Winner!

So we left off on the top three polishes of 2017 and today I find out which is the winner.

Holographic Lights // Spirit of the Moors // In Robe and Crown

Firstly is Holographic Lights, which was the first nail polish in sometime from the high street which made me excited for polish again. Not since the days of GOSH and the original Holographic has there been a polish this spectacular so easily available. That said it is too bright to win this particular challenge.

In second place is Spirit of the Moors, a bright blue holographic finish polish. Really vivid and something I always get comments on whenever I wear it. While I have darker blue holographic polishes and lighter ones also this is definitely a stand out. Bright and vivid and stunning, but for me this is too bright to win, I am drawn to darker things.

And so the winner has to be In Robe and Crown, which is the darkest of the three polishes in the top three. It is described as a "dark lavish red garnet resplendent in its prismatic hologram light". It is a deep purple with aubergine and garnet in there, along with the stunning formula and holographic finish you get with A England polishes. This is a polish I would wear as is without adding extra too which is rare for me to do. I love this polish!

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