17 January 2018

How To: Fix a Broken Nail

Over the years I have done a few blog posts on how I repair a broken nail but now I think I have mastered what works for me. Originally I was using a tea bag, which does work, this way though is easier and lasts longer.

What do I use?

Fibreglass, brush on nail glue and clear acrylic powder.


Usually I don't snap a nail right off, more often what happens is it rips at the nail line or even below the nail line.

I cut a small piece of self adhesive fibreglass to fit over the break.

Peel it off the backing and stick it over the break.

Then I paint over the patch with the brush on nail glue.

Using a nail file I take off the excess fibreglass.

I again paint over with the nail glue, then dip it in to the clear powder.

With the nail files and buffing block I even out the surface.

Once all that is done I go in with a base coat.

Then the polish.

As you can see the nail is smooth once polished.

Finally my nails are done and repaired. I also don't think you can tell that there is a repair there.

Only thing left to say is not to use a acetone polish remover.


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