14 January 2018

Shopping: December 2017 (Everything Else)

Yankee Candles

Spiced White Cocoa // Cracking Wood Fire // Witches Brew // Macaron Treats

Wax Tarts
Witches Brew // Wild Fig // Black Cherry // Cinnmon Stick // Mulberry and Fig Delight

Incense Sticks // Price's Candles and Tea Lights

Metamorphosis // Christmas Sweater // Snow Fairy
Think Pink // Shoot For The Stars // Thundersnow

Plum Snow // Over and Over

TAM Beauty
Eyeshadow Single - Eden // Eyeshadow Single - Touch Me
Eyebrow Brush // Smoky Eyeliner - Black // Smolder
Flawless Matte Eyeshadow Palette // Blush

Barry M - Bittersweet // Barry M - Signature // Avon Mark Liquid Lipstick // Avon Mark Mascara // Barry M Lip Kit Bespoke

And all of the lipbalms!


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