8 January 2018

Swatch: Barry M Lip Kit - Bespoke


This lip kit comes with a liquid lipstick and a lipliner. This is a matte liquid lipstick which dries down to a completely dry matte finish, whilst looking metallic and shiny.

The formula is a standard thickness, especially compared to the thinner Barry M Metallic Matte Lipsticks. I needed one coat to achieve full opacity.

This didn't need setting, doesn't stick to itself and fully dried down in a couple of minutes.

Scent was vaguely fruity, and has a traditional doe foot applicator.

Hand Swatches;


The liner and the lipstick don't match, however I don't think a liner is needed as the lipstick is so opaque. 

Swatched on the hand the same as on my lips, but the colour appeared a shade or two lighter than in the tube. The hand swatch is most accurate in colour.

Lip Swatches;

The liner is very similar to my natural lip colour.



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