18 February 2018

Empties: January 2018

No nail polishes used up this month, I have been working my way through my untried pile. Still plenty of products I worked my way through.

ELF Tone Correcting Powder - I really like this setting powder, I may repurchase this now ELF is back in the UK and easier to get [review].
ELF Moistrising Lipstick Ravishing Rose - I quite liked this lipstick, it has gone out of date so am throwing it away. I don't think I would repurchase it though as I have others similar [review].
Coca Cola Lipbalm - Scented like cola, was nice enough to use, slightly tinted brown but not very much. I would use this again.
ELF Shimmer Eyeliner Pencil - This was a black eyeliner with silver glitter in it, it wasn't very pigmented and the glitter didn't transfer across very well. I won't be repurchasing this.

Avon Red Berries Bubble Bath - This turned the water pink and did make bubbles but I don't think the scent was there in the water or on my skin afterwards.
TRESemmé Silky Smooth Conditioner - This does leave my hair quite smooth and I do quite like it so I may repurchase.

 Lush Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb - Heady, patchouli and warm pepper but soft vanilla. I really like this bath bomb and the scent does linger on your skin. It is a Halloween limited edition but I will be buying more if they bring them back for 2018 [review].
Lush Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb - I hadn't tried a jelly bomb before, it was a weird experience. It smelled exactly like snow fairy which was nice, but it left a slimy layer on the top of the water. Eventually this did break down but did leave clumps of slime on my skin which I didn't like. So don't think I would buy a bath jelly bomb again.

 Lush The Comforter Bubble Bar - My go to bubble bar, it is sweet and fruity, blackcurrant. Makes lots of bubbles and it can be broken up to use over multiple baths, always will repurchase this [review].
L'Occitane Amande Shower Gel - This smelled quite almond like, I didn't find it lathered up much though and had to use half the bottle at a time. Not something I would repurchase even though I like the scent.

Yankee Candle Wax Tart Witches Brew - I will always repurchase this, it is heady and patchouli scented with a good scent throw.
Yankee Candle Wax Tart Raspberry Sundae - These surprised me, the scent throw wasn't too bad and it was sweet berry which I suppose is accurate to a raspberry sundae! I'd maybe buy this one again.

Price's White Magnolia Candle - This had a subtle scent to it but you could tell it was a floral one. I wouldn't repurchase this as I don't particularly like floral scented candles.


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