7 February 2018

Review: MoYou Stamping Nail Polish - Red*

Review-MoYou-Stamping-Nail-Polish-RedMoYou Stamping Nail Polish - Red

 This special nail polish is a polish designed specially for stamping, it comes in a small cardboard box.

MoYou describe it; "This classic MoYou Red stamping nail polish is perfect for your Christmas nail decorations and also to add brilliance in the summer sun. Use it as a base with Gold and Silver or in stamping to add a Glam touch to your nails"

As they say you can use it as a standard nail polish, which I have swatched below;

The colour on the swatch is accurate, it is a classic red shade which dries to a semi matte finish. As well as it being good for Christmas I think it would be good for Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day. The brush is flattened and wide.


I have tried this over a dark base as well as a light base and I would say while it does cover lighter bases, over a black it just doesn't show up at all which hopefully the photo shows.

It is a good stamping polish, opaque, and stamps well. I have used it in some nail art which you can see below;

[Abstract Nails]

[Valentine's Nails]

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