21 March 2018

Review: Lush - Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb

Review-Lush-Snow-Fairy-Jelly-BombLush Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb

Before this one I hadn't tried a Jelly Bomb as the idea isn't appealing to me. But seeing as I like the scent of Snow Fairy shower gel I thought I would give it a go.

The bomb itself was white and pink and the fragrance was exactly Snow Fairy shower gel.

Once in the water it dissolved and then left blobs of pink on top of the water. These blobs did stick to me. They were thicker and more of a jelly like texture. Eventually these jelly pieces did dissolve.

Review-Lush-Snow-Fairy-Jelly-Bomb Review-Lush-Snow-Fairy-Jelly-Bomb

The scent filled the bathroom and it did linger in there for some time. It also clinged to my skin for a couple of hours as well. My skin was left feeling quite soft from this bomb.

As I expected I did need to clean the bath afterwards to remove the pink jelly pieces. It wasn't difficult though to remove them.

Overall I liked the scent and how it left my skin feeling, but I wasn't too keen on the pink jelly pieces floating in the bath or how I had to specifically clean those pieces from the bath.


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