7 March 2018

Review: MoYou Workshop Silicon Placement Mat*

MoYou have came out with a silicon nail mat, it measures at 29.7cm x 21cm. It comes wrapped in a plastic pocket which is useful to keep it lint free.


MoYou say;

"Are you tired of ruining every surface you use with nail polish remover and colours? Do you have to wait for ages to make reverse stamps or stamping decals using your stamper? You don’t need to with our nail art mats. Made of soft silicon, our mats are the perfect companion for any kind of nail art you can imagine"


The mat itself is large enough to work on a couple of different designs at the same time. It has sections for different shaped nails, French tip areas, as well as sections for dark and light stamping so you can see if your stamping polish shows up over the background you plan on using.

MoYou Stamping Nail Polish in White shows up over both a light and dark base;


I used the mat to create these rainbow nails;


To clean the mat you can use a lint roller for bigger areas, peel off pieces of polish or use acetone as the mat is designed not to melt with acetone use.

Overall I like this stamping mat, I find that it stands up against acetone which is important. The size is big enough to do multiple designs with. I like how there are dark sections as well as light sections, no more having to swatch a black and a white polish, waiting for those to dry and then seeing if the polish you want to use would show up or not.

It is quite large and so to store it I roll it up inside of its plastic packaging and put it inside an empty kitchen roll, and that makes storage easier.

MoYou - £7.99

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