11 April 2018

Review: Lush - Metamorphosis Bath Bomb

Review-Lush-Metamorphosis-Bath-Bomb Lush - Metamorphosis Bath Bomb
"A symphony of darkness and light, this intensely rhapsodic bomb will release comforting, tranquil black pepper and myrrh resinoid to cleanse and uplift your soul"
- Lush.co.uk

For a long time I had been wanting to try a black bath bomb and while this one is grey it is getting there.

The bomb itself is a grey colour with a random indented geometric pattern to it.

To me the scent was quite masculine and peppery. You could smell the scent in the room and the water but I didn't find it transferred on to my skin at all.


It turned the bath water a murky grey colour.

I didn't find this left a residue in the bath either which for a dark bath bomb I thought it would.

Overall this isn't one I would buy again, the scent wasn't my kind of thing.


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