22 April 2018

Review: Lush - Over and Over Bath Bomb

Review-Demo-Lush-Over-and-Over-Bath-BombLush - Over and Over Bath Bomb
This enlivening cocoa butter coated lime and fennel oil bomb will perk you up and leave you thinking ‘bout it over and over again. Be mesmerised by its hypnotic rocking and rolling, as a vibrant citrus firework of pinks, oranges and golds unfurls into your bath
- Lush.co.uk

This bath bomb is half orange and half yellow. Once in the bath the bomb spins and spits out orange and yellow as expected but also pink which was a surprise.

The scent of it is very much a citrus one, and so is more of an uplifting bomb rather than a relaxing one. The fresh, citrus scent did linger on my skin for at least twelve hours.


Quite a visual bath experience in terms of the colours it turned the water. The term bath art springs to mind.


My skin was left scented as well as soft which I think was down to one half being dipped in to a bath melt.


I would consider repurchasing this bath bomb, I liked how it left my skin scented.


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