29 April 2018

Review: Lush - Thundersnow Bath Bomb

Lush - Thundersnow Bath Bomb
When your world is feeling stormy and you can not take the pressure, chill out with a peppermint and cocoa absolute weather bomb. Relax in the eye of the storm and listen to the thunder rumbling until it all blows over and the waters settle. The forecast looks clear and breezy
- Lush

Until March this year I hadn't even heard of thundersnow, then about a week after I actually heard it for myself.

This bath bomb is a blue, teal, white in colour. Once in the bath is began to throw out a white foam and turn the water an aqua blue shade. Almost the same colour as Big Blue, but without the mess it makes in your bath.

The scent of this is a bit fresh, a little bit minty. However once the bomb is in the bath I didn't find that it fragranced the water nor my skin afterwards.

This apparently has popping candy in it, but I didn't hear any of that over the running of the bath water. It did leave my skin feeling soft though which is always a good thing.

Overall I unfortunately wouldn't repurchase this bath bomb.


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