28 May 2018

Make Up: Spring 2018 Favourites

Perfume | The Perfume People - Sexy Bomb
I really like this brand for perfume as they make scents you no longer can buy or that are very difficult to find. This one smells exactly like Lush's Sex Bomb which is my favourite bath bomb.

Primer | ELF - Mineral Face Primer
Think I have had this in a favourites post before, this really makes my make up last longer and fills in pores so foundation doesn't sit in them. It is clear which works better for me as Benefit's Porefessional is a beige colour and that is darker than my skin colour so that looks odd.

Foundation | L'Oreal - Eau DE Teint - Nude Magique
Didn't like this when I first got it, I found it works better when I apply it with a concave drop brush rather than any other method. The coverage is light but it evens out my skin tone, taking away any redness which I like. What I would want from a tinted moisturiser.

The formula of these matte balms are so nice, semi matte and wear really well. This shade is a deep brick red which for me is easier to wear than a vivid red.

Powder | Essence - All About Matt!
I've gone through a couple of these and still really like them, it has a slight white colour to it but I prefer that over a orange one. Even translucent powders make me look darker than I am so this one is one I will keep repurchasing.


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