27 May 2018

Outfit: Spring 2018

A recent outfit favourite of mine, so glad that Spring has sprung and hopefully we have seen the back of snow for the time being.

Spin Doctor
Willow Gothic Mini Dress


The photo really doesn't do the dress justice. Bell sleeves, lace up front, fit and flare type of dress. It is supposed to be a mini dress but as I am short it comes to just above my knees. And its made of black velvet!

Demonia Shoes - Demon 16
Matte Maryjanes with double straps with skull and crossbone buckles and 5" heel and chunky platform 


I think I have posted about these shoes before but I really do like them. I am short and these make me tall. I don't usually wear heels but these are easy to walk in. They don't hurt my feet or rub which is rare for me. It's nice how the weather is better so I can wear them without ice trying to make me slip over! I wore these when I got married and so think that is another reason they are my favourite.


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