30 June 2018

Stamping Plate: Bundle Monster Holiday Collection H25 (BMH25)

Back to the Bundle Monster 'Holiday Collection' which consists of 25 different plates.

BM H25 is July 4th themed. I don't live in America and so don't celebrate the occasion. However the designs are mostly versatile.


This stamping plate is backed with branded backing, so it doesn't have sharp edges, each plate has six images on them. This particular plate has three full nail images and three smaller images.


All of the images stamped across really well, the finer details on the eagle and the fireworks showed up great. If I had longer nails though some of the images would be too short to fit. Of them all I think the stars or the fireworks are something I would use more often as they isn't July 4th specific.

Here are some sets of nails I did using this plate:

[Eagle Nails]

[4th July]

You can see all of the nail art I used this plate in here.

28 June 2018

Swatch: Make Up Gallery - Precious Gold 35 (Poundland)


Colour: Gold
Finish: Multi Small Glitters
Opacity: Two Coats over Kiko Black 275
Brush Type? Flattened

27 June 2018

Review: Born Pretty Store - Double Head Clear Jelly Silicone Stamper*


This is a double ended clear jelly stamper. It comes in a resealable baggie along with a plastic scraper.


It comes with two different sized ends and are capped too which is great for stopping lint sticking to the stamping head. It is around 6cm in length and one head is around 1.9cm and the larger head is 2.4cm.

The stamper is a jelly type one which makes picking up images easier as well as getting the images to get on to nails with a strong C curve.

Review-Born-Pretty-Store-Double-Head-Clear-Jelly-Silicone-Stamper Review-Born-Pretty-Store-Double-Head-Clear-Jelly-Silicone-Stamper

It is clear the body of the stamper but the ends aren't hollow. You can still mostly see through it to align your image.


Using the stamper was easy, having a smaller end was useful for targeted stamping and the larger end for covering my entire nail.

Overall this is a good jelly stamper, you can see through it to a certain degree and so can stamp on the nail in the right spot. The stamping head is squishy enough to get the image on the nail curve.

Here are some nails I have done using this stamper;

[Green Leopard Print]

[July 4th Nails]

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Born Pretty Store

25 June 2018

Swatch: A England - Peaseblossom A Fairy (Shakespeare's Fairies Collection)

Swatch: A-England-Peaseblossom-A-Fairy-Shakespeares-Fairies-Collection

Colour: Vibrant Pink
Finish: Holographic
Opacity: Two Coats Shown
Brush Type: Flat, Wide, Rounded Cuticle
How Much? 11ml

Vegan // Cruelty Free // 3 Free

23 June 2018

Swatch: Barry M - Kiwi


Colour | Green
Finish | Cream
Opacity \ Two Coats
Brush Type | Standard
How Much | 10ml

22 June 2018

26 Great Nail Art Ideas: Graffiti

It has been an awful long time since I last wrote graffiti something, I imagine it was something very similar this though!


Base Polish | OPI - Samoan Sand
Blue Polish | Barry M - Elderberry
Purple Polish | Barry M - Darkside of the Shroom

0.2mm Sharpie

21 June 2018

Swatch: Models Own - Chrome Silver


Colour: Silver
Finish: Metallic
Opacity: Three to Four Coats
Brush Type: Standard
How Much? 8ml

20 June 2018

Review: Born Pretty Store - Silver Crescent Moon Studs*

Review-Born-Pretty-Store-Silver-Crescent-Moon-StudsThese nail studs are around 3mm tall and 2mm wide. They don't have much of a 3d profile once on the nail.

I have chosen silver but they also come in gold as well.

They come within a little grip seal bag and stapled to the cardboard part of the packaging. So once you have removed the cardboard you can still seal up the bag which is good.

Because these are so small you can fit more than one on each nail without it looking too much.

These would really appeal to people who don't like things sticking out on their nails.

Quite a unique nail accessory, I have solid silver moon crescents but not hollow ones. You could use these to decorate other items as well as nails.

And here are some nails I have done using these moon crescents;

[Cuticle Accent]

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