3 June 2018

Empties: May 2018

This past month I seem to have used up quite a few products. Including nail polish!

OPI - One Chic Chick - I was surprised to have used up a mini so soon after getting it, especially as it is a pastel yellow. Spring and Easter related nails clearly were the culprit. I'd not buy it again purely because I have other yellows in my collection.
MoYou - Special Nail Polish - Black - This is my go to black stamping polish. I would definitely repurchase this again, I do have a back up in my collection already! [full review]
Superdrug - Acetone Free Polish Remover - This was okay, did it's job well. I have repurchased this already as I always need a acetone free remover to hand.

B. Radiant Night Cream - I'm not quite at the targeted age for this moisturiser but I like it, it is too shiny for day time but leaves my skin moisturised and keeps the dry skin away. Will be repurchasing this one asap!
Essence - All ABout Matt - Powder - My go to face powder, I like it because it doesn't leave a orange cast on my face and keeps me matt.
Lush - Jackie Oates - To be honest I haven't really used this, it just sat on my dressing table for far too long without being touched. Now I think I've stopped buying products I don't need. Which isn't a reflection of the product, it may very well be great.
Hershey Kisses Lip Balm - Very waxy product, left a slight brown tint on the lips. I did use this up though but won't be repurchasing this.

ELF Moisturising Lipstick - Rosy Go Round - I've had this for too long and the shade is just too bright for me personally, so won't be repurchasing [swatch and review].
ELF Moistursing Lipstick - Natural Nymph - Another one I have had for too long. This shade though is a very pale nude and I didn't like the texture of it either. So not one I'd repurchase [swatch and review].
Makeup Gallery - Black Cherry 18 - The colour of this lipstick is beautiful, deep cherry shade. The formula is a traditional lipstick which isn't long wearing and a shade like this needs a lot of maintenance so not one I'd buy again [swatch and review].
Makeup Revolution - Not sure what this shade was called, it is a lilac shade which is too light for me personally. Not a repurchase.
Sleek Pout Paint - Pin Up - The name for this is pretty accurate, what you would imagine as being a pin up shade. The blue one is Peek-a-Bloo. I never seem to have reached for these, and now I have had them for too long. Not one I'd buy again.

Schwarzkopf Dark Brown Hair Dye - Threw out the box only kept the conditioner for my empties. I really like the dye and will continue repurchasing it.
Bayles and Harding - Black Raspberry and Fig Shower Gel - The scent of this was really nice, almost black cherry. This was a gift but would like to use it again.
Superdrug - Vitamin E - Hot Cloth Cleanser - My go to cleanser, I wouldn't like to think how many times I have repurchased this!

The Library of Fragrance - Fireplace - This did smell like you had been standing near a bonfire. The brand had some interesting scents but I don't think they are available anymore in the UK.
Yankee Candle - Cranberry Ice - Wax Tart - Really nice fresh fruity scent, would repurchase. 

Yankee Candle - Crackling Woodfire - This scent again smelt like you'd been standing near a bonfire. Not something I would particularly like the smell of so not a repurchase.
Incense Sticks - Witches' Curse - These had a strong scent throw, a bit musky and a bit floral. Not one I'd get again but nice to try something new.


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