17 June 2018

Nail Faves

It has been a while since I shared some of my current nail favourites. I have a hand lotion which I am really liking as well as a couple of nail polishes.

OPI Spiced Persimmon AvoJuice - AvoJuice lotions are really good, they sink in quickly and don't leave a sticky / oily residue on my hands and so make for a great daytime lotion. At the moment I am particularly enjoying this scent, it may smell slightly Christmas-y but to me it is more a spiced orange scent. The scent also lingers on my skin for some time to which is always a bonus.

A England Moth A Fairy - A grey holographic polish which looks amazing in the direct sunlight, it shines all colours in the spectrum [swatch].

A England Polovetsian Dances - This again looks great in the sunlight. A dark purple polish with a holographic scatter to it. [swatch]


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