4 June 2018

Review: 7th Heaven - Coconut Cream Hydrating Mask

Review-7th-Heaven-Coconut-Cream-Hydrating-MaskCoconut Cream Hydrating Mask
7th Heaven say: 
 "We’ve harnessed the hydrating goodness of fresh Coconut Water & added lots of lovely ingredients to our face mask to moisturise & hydrate, including super smoothing creamy Shea Butter"

I haven't bought a face mask in quite some time, but I had an occasion coming up and bought this one in the hopes it would make my skin soft and hydrated.

The formula of this is thick and clay like which made applying over the face easy and it didn't drip at all.

The scent was very coconut-y which you would expect from a product named coconut cream.

It doesn't dry solid, but wasn't supposed to. It did however dry a bit after 10 minutes or so.

Review-7th-Heaven-Coconut-Cream-Hydrating-Mask Review-7th-Heaven-Coconut-Cream-Hydrating-Mask

I found that it did sting for a few minutes after applying and I don't have sensitive skin which was something I didn't like. After a while it did stop stinging though and it wasn't enough to make me want to remove it.

Afterwards my skin didn't feel overly dry or tight, but the next day my skin was back to normal. So I didn't find this one overly moisturising and that coupled with the stinging means I'd not repurchase it.


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