20 June 2018

Review: Born Pretty Store - Silver Crescent Moon Studs*

Review-Born-Pretty-Store-Silver-Crescent-Moon-StudsThese nail studs are around 3mm tall and 2mm wide. They don't have much of a 3d profile once on the nail.

I have chosen silver but they also come in gold as well.

They come within a little grip seal bag and stapled to the cardboard part of the packaging. So once you have removed the cardboard you can still seal up the bag which is good.

Because these are so small you can fit more than one on each nail without it looking too much.

These would really appeal to people who don't like things sticking out on their nails.

Quite a unique nail accessory, I have solid silver moon crescents but not hollow ones. You could use these to decorate other items as well as nails.

And here are some nails I have done using these moon crescents;

[Cuticle Accent]

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