8 July 2018

Empties: June 2018

Another month which has flown past! This past month I used up three polishes as well as a fair few other products.

Leighton Denny - Undercover Base Coat - This is an okay base coat, does it's job. I like how when it is dry it goes matt so you know when to go in with your polish. I have other base coats and so not a repurchase item for me.
ELF - Dark Navy - This polish would chip on me within hours every single time no matter what base and top coats I used, would not repurchase [swatch].
OPI - Samoan Sand - Not a huge fan of nude polishes nor mini's however I am glad to have finished this polish. It builds up in a couple of coats and would work as a base coat. Not one I'd repurchase.
Essie - Fiji - A bit of a classic baby pink polish, I am not a avid pink polish wearer however I did use it up. Good for nail art as well as a base for adding something more interesting over the top of. I liked the brush on this polish but I wouldn't get this shade again [swatch].
Leighton Denny - Slick Tips Cuticle Oil Mini - I have done a full review of this before, I think it was alright but don't accidently get it in your eyes. The mini sized was handy for on the go [review].

Alberto Balsam - Tea Tree Tingle - Shampoo - This shampoo did tingle my scalp. I think it irritated my scalp though so wouldn't repurchase this.
Alberto Balsam - Juicy Green Apple - Conditioner - Scented very much of artificial apple, the scent didn't linger in my hair and didn't leave it feeling particularly conditioned, so again not one I would repurchase.

Soap and Glory - Sugar Crush Body Scrub - The scent of this is great, same as the body butter. The scrub actually sticks to your skin so you can use it to scrub with unlike others that fall off, this is one I would repurchase.
Avon - Apple and Cinnamon - Bath and Body Wash - I found this smells a little bit like cider, washing myself with an alcohol product wasn't appealing and so wouldn't repurchase.
Lush - Tea Tree Water - Toning Water - I don't know why I keep buying this as I never seem to reach for it. Ended up as a lazy way to dampen my make up sponge. Note to self: Don't repurchase!

Makeup Revolution - I Remember - Single Eyeshadow - Completely hit pan on this, don't think you can buy these anymore which is a shame as I would have repurchased it. It was a beige colour which I liked to use as a base for any eyeshadow look.
Benefit - The Porefessional - I'm glad I got this sample because the full sized is quite pricey and I didn't like it. The colour of it was darker than my skin tone and it sat in my pores making them look weird. If it came in a clear colour then I might try it again as it was quite nice as a primer.
Kabuki Brush - I have had this one for a long time and it has started to shed so time for it to leave my collection.
ELF - High Definition Powder - I like how this powder is white and so doesn't turn me orange. It is a bit messy to use and I think that is why I seem to reach for pressed powder over this. Not a repurchase for me this time.

Schwarzkopf Hair Dye - Black - Didn't have the box to show but I kept the conditioner packet. I haven't dyed my hair black in a few years and have gone back to the one I used to use. It's an alright dye and I would buy it again but I am going to try out other brands to see if they are any better.
Leighton Denny - Autumn Leaves - Hand and Nail Cream - I use this as a night time hand lotion because it takes a bit of time to sink in and it does leave my hands a bit slimy feeling. I have many other hand creams to use and won't repurchase this one.
nspa - Oil Free Moisture Gel - This was a very lightweight moisturiser and I liked how the packaging had a pump. I think I would buy it again but I have others to use up first.
Lush - Ladyboy - Fragrance - This was a odd fragrance, it is a solid one that you push up and the can use on yourself. This scent was nice, neither feminine or masculine. I wouldn't repurchase it because I didn't like the packaging.
7th Heaven - Coconut Cream - Face Mask - Didn't like this one, it stung and didn't do anything for my skin, so definitely not one I'd get again [review].


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