15 July 2018

Swatch: Beau Gel Soak Off Gel Color - 5727

Swatch Beau-Gel-Soak-Off-Gel-Color-5727 Beau Gel Soak Off Gel Color - 5727

I don't have many gel polishes, I like to change my nails too frequently for that. However I got this colour changing one from eBay for 60p and I do really like it. It is a turquoise colour when warm and purple when cold, it also has some chunky silver glitter thrown in there.

Colour: Turquoise / Purple
Finish: Temperature Colour Changing / Glitter
Opacity: Three Coats Shown
Brush Type: Flat and Slightly Wide
How Much? 10ml

Swatch Beau-Gel-Soak-Off-Gel-Color-5727

Swatch Beau-Gel-Soak-Off-Gel-Color-5727


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