12 August 2018

Empties: July 2018

Another month gone and I have managed to use up quite a few products.

Including five polishes;

Pretty - Leather Look | This is more a denim look than a leather look, but it had gone too thick to repair [swatch].
ELF - Green Machine | This had separated beyond repair and so it is leaving my collection [swatch].
ELF - Cranberry | This polish got used up this month which is strange as I think its more a winter colour [swatch].
La Femme - Ultra Gold | Finally used this up, not a repurchase though as I am not keen on the finish [swatch].
OPI - Lucky Lucky Lavender | I got this for Christmas and am glad to have used it up, I did like the colour but it is very similar to Barry M Prickly Pear.

Alberto Balsam Raspberry Shampoo and Conditioner | The scent of this really was strong and it did linger in my hair for 24 hours. I found that it didn't really work well for my hair type though so won't repurchase it.
Argan Oil Conditioner | I think this was from Poundland, I quite liked how it left my hair feeling smooth and calmed down any frizz. I would buy this again.
Imperial Leather - Cherry Bakewell Shower Gel | I loved the smell of this, the scent didn't really linger on my skin but in the shower it smelled scrumptious. I'd definitely repurchase this.
Boots - Tea Tree - Witch Hazel Face Wash | I think this was too much for my skin type now, it would have been great when I was a teenager with more oily skin.

OPI - AvoJuice - Apple Pie Spice | I think AvoJuice is the best hand lotion for during the day, light, sinks in quickly and the scent lingers. This scent was nice during the winter but it was odd using it in summer. I would repurchase AvoJuice in a different scent.
The Body Shop - Cherry Body Butter | The scent on this was nice but it didn't sink in to my skin, it left an oily film which I didn't like. Not one I would buy again.
So Fantasy Perfume | This was a gift, it was okay but not my type of scent.

Asda Micellar Water | Basic, did it's job well. I would repurchase.
L'Oreal Nude Magique Foundation | Didn't like the when I first bought it, however with the right brush I do like it. I would repurchase this.
ELF - Mineral Face Primer | Again this is something that just works, quite silicone like in texture and is clear so doesn't highlight my pores. I would repurchase this however I have others to use up first.

Lip Smacker Coca Cola Lip Balm | The scent of this was nice, haven't seen vanilla cola in a long while. I like the formula on the lip smackers they do what they are supposed to do. I would repurchase lip smackers again, however I have quite a lot left to use up before buying any more!
Born Pretty Store Liquid Peel Off Cuticle Barrier | I went to use this but it had dried up. Barriers are really useful when doing more messy nails, I use them for sponged gradients. I will be repurchasing this [full review].
Clean Up Brush | This was a good clean up brush, the barrel though was too big to fit in to my mini acetone bottle so had to use it with a dappen dish. I have others to work my way though but when I do come to repurchasing I need to look out for a smaller barrel.


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