19 September 2018

Review: MoYou - Stamping Nail Polish - Forest Green*

Review-MoYou-Stamping-Nail-Polish-Forest-GreenMoYou Stamping Nail Polish - Forest Green

 This stamping nail polish is a polish designed specially for stamping which comes in a small cardboard box.

MoYou describe it as;
"Forest Green stamping nail polish by MoYou Nail Fashion is here to channel your inner nature side. Mix and match with our colours to create the perfect nail stamping manicure teamed up with any image plate style."

As they say you can use it as a standard nail polish, which I have swatched below;

Forest Green is a darker green shade which dries to a semi matte finish. It is good for nature type nails as well as Christmas designs too. The brush is flattened and wide.


I used this on the MoYou stamping mat to show it over a dark base as well as a light base and as you can see it does cover both lighter bases as well as a darker base.

I have used it in some nail art which you can see below;

[Forest Nails]

[Fern Nails]


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