11 November 2018

Empties: October 2018

Nails Inc - NailKale Illuminator | I did use this up and then put another base coat in the bottle to try and use more of it up. This product has some shimmer to it and a blue tone which counteracts any yellowness to the nail. I always wear polish so this isn't something I really needed from a base. I wouldn't buy it again, but I do like the brush shape.
W7 - Black | A good basic black polish, almost opaque in one coat, not too bad at stamping with [swatch].
MoYou Special Nail Polish - Black | This is my go to black stamping polish, it works really well [review].

ELF - Eyeliner Primer | This primer isn't too bad, I found that the mineral primer was better than this one though. I'd not repurchase this one.
ELF Blush - Shy | Blush takes a long time to use up! I really liked this very light pink blush, very easy not to go too heavy handed with. I would repurchase this but I don't think it exists anymore.
L'Occitane Hand Creams | Both of these were heavy duty and we're really good at sorting out my dry hands from over washing. I preferred the almond scented one over the floral one. I would repurchase hand creams from L'Occitane in the future.

Yankee Candle - Witches Brew - Candle | Really like this scent, it is a heady, musky patchouli. The candle doesn't have as much of a scent throw as a wax tart but I still really enjoy this scent.
Yankee Candle - Witches Brew - Wax Tart | Again this is a heady, musky patchouli. Unfortunately I don't think this has been released in 2018, otherwise I would repurchase.
Yankee Candle - Midnight Jasmine - Wax Tart | Quite long lasting scent, good scent throw, very floral which isn't my favourite so won't repurchase.
Yankee Candle - Midsummer Night | Neither here nor there really, not one I would repurchase.
Mugworts - Witches Brew - Tart | I expected this to be similar in scent to the Yankee one, it wasn't. It was scented of straight up patchouli without the musky, spicy, headiness. I will use up the ones I have but won't repurchase.
Yankee Candle - Cranberry Pear - Votive | Didn't have much of a scent throw, the scent was fruity.
Yankee Candle - Autumn Night - Votive | Again, not much of a scent throw. I thought this had quite a masculine scent.

 Pretty Candles and Melts - Oh Lordy Wax Beans | I had hoped this would be scented like Lush's Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb scent. It did vaguely in the pot but once melted there was no scent throw to it. Won't be repurchasing.
Pretty Candles and Melts - Bonfire Berries | This was a free sample, not sure what bonfire berries are supposed to smell like but this had a good scent throw which lasted a good eight hours. I might repurchase this scent.
Nag Champa Incense | My favourite incense, I will always repurchase this one. I may try others but always go back to this

Primark Cosmetic Pads | These were okay, basic but that is all you need from them. I would repurchase.
Soap and Glory Hand Maid Gel | Classic Soap and Glory pink scent. I would repurchase this one.

Avon Blackberries and Vanilla Bubble Bath | For the most part I don't find these scent the water and this one is no different. It turned the water pink and did make bubbles though. I'd not repurchase a bubble bath from Avon though.
Lush - Sex Bomb - Bath Bomb | Jasmine scented but not too floral, more musky. Would repurchase [review].
Lush - Lord of Misrule - Bath Bomb | Heady, patchouli and warm pepper but soft vanilla. I really like this bath bomb and the scent does linger on your skin. It is a Halloween limited edition but I will be buying more if they bring them back for 2019 [review].
Lush - Shoot for the Stars - Bath Bomb | Scented similarly to Honey I Washed The Kids, which I like, very sweet. Not sure if I would repurchase this one [review].


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