30 December 2018

Nails: Top Five Nail Art Posts

Here are my top five nail art blog posts for 2018;

Forth of July Nails - I was surprised that is was so popular considering I'm from the UK and don't celebrate 4th of July.

Bloody Hand Nails - I liked these nails, the hand prints showed up so well against the white background.

Grey Marble Nails - Another one I liked, although I think this would had made a great background for nail art. Maybe I did use this for a base and it didn't make the top five?

Winter Fox Nails - These were a surprise, I had forgotten I'd done them! The French tip snow gradient looks nice and the fox is cute too. Defiantly think I need to wear the snow gradient again.

Scale Nails - I didn't like how the base turned out on these, they were a foil which was a bit patchy however with the stamping on top I think they look nice.


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