6 January 2019

Shopping: December 2018 (Nail Related)

So for Christmas 2018 I was gifted many, many polishes. I am so grateful of them all, just need to get wearing all of them now!

Is That A Spear In Your Pocket? // Krona-Logical Order // In The Cable Car Pool Lane // Suzi: The First Lady Of Nails // Red // Do You Lilac It?

Ginger's Revenge // I'll Have A Gin and Tectonic // Berry Fairy Fun // Dazzling Dew Drop // Toying With Trouble // Superchic - Zombie Crush

Miami Beet // Lucky Lucky Lavender // Less Is Norse // Holidazed Over You // Snow Glad I Met You // Lincoln Park After Dark

Butterfly Me To The Moon // Can't Be Camouflaged! // I Pull The Strings // A England - Manderley // A England - Mrs Danvers

Bruton Street // Saturday Night In // Make An Understatement // Sound Of Sequins // Throwing Shapes // Racy and Retro // Cambridge Mews

Always On Top // Drty Girl // Kensington Caviar // Essie - Angora Cardi // Essie - Strong Start // Essie - Speed Setter


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