10 February 2019

Empties: January 2019

During January I didn't use up any polishes as I had so many new ones to try out.

Nivea Hand Cream | This felt very silicone like, left my hands slightly tacky after using it too so wouldn't repurchase.
Nail Glue | I get a couple of these at a time from eBay, I use them for sticking things to my nails so always have some in my stash.
Lip Smackers Sprite and Fanta | I liked both of these they do what they are supposed to do and smelt nice while doing that. The Fanta Grape one did tint my lips slightly purple though.

Scentful Home Melts | This had a strong patchouli scent to it, very similar to Lush Karma. I would repurchase this scent.
Air Wick Summer Delights | This was okay as a freebie with an electronic melter but didn't have a very long scent throw, nor a strong one.
Black Candles Online Mulled Cider Wax Melt | I enjoyed this one, could definitely smell the mulled apple. I would repurchase from this brand.
Yankee Candle Wild Fig Wax Tart | I must of had this one for years, but it still had a good scent throw to it and I would repurchase this scent, warm and fig scented.
Yankee Candle Witches Brew Wax Tart | I wish Yankee had brought the tarts out for Halloween 2018 but they didn't, so I would repurchase them if they come out later in 2019.

Superdrug Hot Cloth Cleanser | Took me a while to get through this one as during the warmer months I use coconut oil to remove my make up, but during the colder months coconut oil solidifies so its harder to use. I will always go back to this, does its job of removing make up without stinging my eyes.
Avon - Salted Caramel Shower Gel | Again this shower gel seemed to go on and go, the smell was really nice, caramel, lathered up well too.

Lush Sex Bomb | Would it be a autumn / winter empties for me without this? My go to, favourite one. Scent really does linger on my skin and hair. Would definitely repurchase [full review].
Lush Holey Night Bath Bomb | Turned the water blue, the holes in the bath bomb made it look different from Lush's usual shape.
Lush Plum Snow Bubble Bar | Turned the water pink and made bubbles, the scent lingered on my skin.
Mad Beauty Bath Salts | Not sure these did anything either, I don't really use bath salts to begin with.
Mad Beauty Bath Fizzers | These didn't do anything, they just clunked to the bottom of the bath,


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