14 April 2019

Empties: March 2019

I didn't think this past month I had used up that many products but coming to write this post I seem to have used up 23 different things!

Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser | My go to cleanser, I wouldn't like to think how many times I have repurchased this! Does the job very well.
L'Occitane Vert Shampoo | I wasn't keen on this, it left my hair very dry, wouldn't repurchase.
Dr Carvers Shave Butter | It worked alright on my legs, but not something I'd repurchase.
John Frieda Foam Precision | Finally got around to dyeing my hair again, while I do like how easy this is to use and how easy the dye washes off my skin, the dye just doesn't stay long enough in my hair for a permanent dye.

Leighton Denny Best Defence | The scent on this one was very much a sun cream one. It didn't sink in very well and so I found it better as a night time hand cream than a day time one. I'd not repurchase.
The Ordinary Primer | I liked this, it helped my make up to stay put without making my pores appear orange. I might repurchase this one, but for now I will be using the ELF one.
Fortune Cookie Hand Gel | The scent on this one was really sweet and familiar, reminded me of a cupcake doll. I would repurchase this if it wasn't to hard to get in the UK.
Organics Lip Balm | This had a bit of a waxy texture to it which wasn't my favourite, so wouldn't repurchase the brand.
Revolution Prime Anti Shine Balm | I really didn't like this, it isn't something you could apply over make up like they suggest and the texture was waxy and it being in a compact made getting any of the product out difficult. Wouldn't repurchase.

ELF Glamour Girl | This started to separate and I didn't like the colour enough to bring it back to life [swatch].
Lush Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb | Love this, the spicy, patchouli scent that lingers on my skin. Something I will repurchase if it comes out for Halloween 2019.

L'Oreal Elvive Shampoo | Don't have much to say on this, not overly sure if helped my dye last longer. Wouldn't repurchase.
Vosene Shampoo | The scent of this hasn't changed in years. I think it does help dandruff as well as not leaving my hair feeling stripped and dry.

Yankee Candle Witches Brew Candle | 2017 version of this candle was so disappointing, it barely had any scent throw to it. Hoping the 2018 version will do, as it is one of my favourite Yankee scents.
Wickford and Co Mini Candles | Both smelled lovely in the glass jar but once burning you couldn't smell anything. So wouldn't repurchase.

Black Candles Online Witches Brew | Nothing like the Yankee version, this one didn't have much of a scent throw to it, but it was more straight up patchouli. Won't be repurchasing.
Nag Champa Incense | My favourite incense, I will always repurchase this one. I may try others but always go back to this.

Maybelline Dream Flawless Nude | A great day to day foundation for when I don't need a lot of coverage, just something to even out my skin tone. The applicator is a long stick attached to the lid which isn't ideal. I would though of repurchased this but this is another one discontinued.
The Perfume People Comfortable | A scent dupe for Lush's The Comforter, which is a good description of it, very berry. It didn't last that long on me so wouldn't repurchase, however I will be from the brand.
L'Occitane Vert Conditioner | Same as the shampoo, it left my hair feeling so dry. Won't repurchase.
Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel | Adore this, its sickly sweet and leaves me and my bathroom smelling delightful.
Shay and Blue Hand Cream | This cream is quite thin but sinks in quickly, the scent of this though is very powerful and it lingers on your skin too. If it wasn't so heavily fragranced I would repurchase.


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