5 May 2019

Empties: April 2019

The Perfume People - The American Dreamer | The scent of this was very similar to Lush's American Cream conditioner. While I liked it, I prefer others to repurchase.
The Perfume People - Lord Miserable | Again this is a dupe for the scent Lord of Misrule bath bomb. I have repurchased this already. This also lasts for longer than a traditional eau de parfum.
Black Candles Online - Wax Tart - Caramel Apple | I didn't find this had a particular scent throw to it so won't be repurchasing this one.

Body Wash - Strawberry | Very basic, not something I would repurchase.
Collection - Pressed Powder | Great basic setting powder, flimsy packaging. Didn't find it made me yellow toned. Slightly powdery but nothing unbearable. I would repurchase this again.
Lip Smacker - Cherry Coke | This did leave a slight red tint to the lips and the scent was very much of cherry coke. I have lots of lipbalms so won't repurchase (yet).
Nivea - Lip Balm | Scented similarly to the moisturiser by Nivea. Moisturised my lips and did what it was supposed to do, a basic but essential for me. Again I won't be repurchasing lipbalms as I have enough.

Lush - Bath Bomb - Lord of Misrule | Heady, patchouli and warm pepper but soft vanilla. I really like this bath bomb and the scent does linger on your skin. It is a Halloween limited edition but I will be buying more if they bring them back for 2019 [review].


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