31 July 2019

Review: Born Pretty Store - Nicole Diary - Spider Gel - Black [#46022]*

Review-Born-Pretty-Store-Nicole-Diary-Spider-Gel-Black Review-Born-Pretty-Store-Nicole-Diary-Spider-Gel-Black

Born Pretty Store is stocking this Nicole Diary Spider Gel and this is in the colour black. It comes in a sealed 5ml pot. It also comes in silver, blue, white, gold and red.

It is similar to a gel polish in that it needs to be cured using a UV or LED lamp. The viscosity is thicker than a gel, and a lot more stringy which is the 'spider gel' effect.

To use this I dipped a dotting tool in to the gel picking up a string of gel and then placing it over my nail to create a spider gel nail art look. Then cured it in my lamp.


Here are some nails I have done using the spider gel;

[Spider Gel Tree Nails]
[Holo Spider Gel Nails]
I have a discount code off full priced items if you would like to use it;

 Born Pretty Store Cuticle Nippers


30 July 2019

Swatch: Primark Ps Love - Spice Lip Liner

Spice is a soft lip liner, it is easy to use and doesn't drag or pull at all. On the hand swatch it is a strong brick colour, however on my lips it pulls more to a deep red brick colour. I would purchase other shades of this liner.

Hand swatch;

Lip swatch;

Other colours of the Primark Lip Liner I have;

Swatch of Ps Love - Dark Pink


Nails: Floral Trees

Holographic Polish | Barry M - Sunburst
Nude Polish | Avon - Street Beige
Brown Stamped Polish | Barry M - Cocoa
Green Stamped Polish | MoYou - Stamping Polish - Forest Green
Holographic Stamped PolishBarry M - Sunburst
Stamping Plate | Harunouta - L071


25 July 2019

Swatch: OPI - Miami Beet (Infinite Shine)

Miami Beet was THE nail polish of the year in 2009, something to do with the pantone colour of the year.


Colour | Beetroot
Finish | Cream
Opacity | Two Coats Shown
Brush Type | Flat and Wide
How Much | 15ml


24 July 2019

Review: Born Pretty Store - Rainbow - Cuticle Pusher Tool [#38326]*


Born Pretty Store have brought out a range of duochrome nail tools, I have reviewed the cuticle nippers here, and the triangle gel polish removal tool here. There are also other tools in the same duochrome finish.


The handle is ridged which helps to grip the tool and makes using it easier. The look of the tool is very pretty too, it looks professionally branded as well as 'sparking joy' from the colour finish!


One end of the tool is shaped like a spoon which is designed to gently push back the cuticle. The other end of the tool is curved to one side and is designed to scrape off any of the none living tissue pushed back by the pushing end.


I would say that when using this on myself I found using it on one hand easier than the other due to the curve. However if you were using this one someone else using only your dominant hand then I don't think it would cause a problem.

I have a discount code off full priced items if you would like to use it;

 Born Pretty Store Cuticle Nippers