10 July 2019

Review: Born Pretty Store - Ur Sugar - Thermal Extension Gel 09 + 11 [#46404]*

Ur sugar thermal extension gel is from Born Pretty Store, I have the shades 09 which is a clear to yellow, and 11 which is clear to teal.

Review-Born-Pretty-Store-Ur-Sugar-Thermal-Extension-Gel-09-11 Review-Born-Pretty-Store-Ur-Sugar-Thermal-Extension-Gel-09-11

The product comes in a 15ml pot, the consistency is very thick, similar to a polygel rather than a builder gel. This cures using a UV / LED lamp. I found that this gel did have a slight heat spike when curing.

To use it you could build it up over a form, or use a duel form which makes the filling and shaping a lot easier. I found it easier to use with a double sided brush, one with a spatula on one end. As my natural nails are quite long I didn't use it to extend my nails, more as a overlay. However the product felt strong enough to work as an extension.


Warm to Cold


The colour change on both of these gel's is quite marked, you can definitely tell the difference between cold and warm. Especially so on longer nails.

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