14 August 2019

Review: Born Pretty Store - Neon Stamping Polish - Wall [#46659]*

Born Pretty Store have released some neon stamping polishes, the one I have today to share is called 'Wall' which is a lavender pink colour. There is eight neon stamping polishes in the collection.

Review-Born-Pretty-Store-Neon-Stamping-Polish-Wall-#46659 Review-Born-Pretty-Store-Neon-Stamping-Polish-Wall-#46659

Colour | Pink
Finish | Cream
Opacity | One Coat
Brush Type | Slightly Flattened
How Much | 6ml

Wall stamps over both a light and a dark base, as shown above. Overall this is a good neon stamping polish, one which is opaque enough to work, thick enough to stamp fine lines but not too thick in consistency.

Here is some nail art which I have done using Wall;

Over a light base;

Over a darker base;

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