8 September 2019

Empties: August 2019

Essence All About Matt Powder | If this wasn't discontinued I would repurchase. Set my foundation and didn't leave a orange cast.
Makeup Revolution HD Smoky Eyeliner - Black | This is my go to eyeliner for my waterline, it lasts a fair while as well as being soft enough to go on easily in the tight line. I would repurchase this, although I think I have a back up at the moment.
I Heart Make Up - All Day and Night  Liner - Channelling My Inner | This is the same formula as the HD black liner above, this was a lovely copper metallic shade. I don't think this line exist anymore otherwise I would repurchase.

Vosene Shampoo | Does what it is supposed to do, the scent is medicated and does linger on my hair if my conditioner isn't strongly scented.
Garnier Ultimate Blends Conditioner Argan | I thought this was really nice, thick and smelled of argan oil and the scent lingered in my hair as well as leaving my hair soft and smooth.

B. Radiant Night Cream | I like this, the right amount of moisturising for a night cream. I have already repurchased this.
Dorco Eve Razor Blade | These blades are good, each head has six blades on with a bendy section in between. Makes it less likely to nick myself. Would repurchase.
Poundland Lint Roller | Works well for cleaning my jelly stampers, also good for cat fur!


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