11 September 2019

Review: Born Pretty Store - Nicole Diary - Sequin Gel Polish [#46380]*

I have five different sequin gel polishes to share today, these are by the brand Nicole Diary which is available from Born Pretty Store.

Each of these shades come in 5ml gel pots, I would describe these as trial size. You'll need a brush and a UV / LED lamp to use them. These are to be soaked off with acetone. 

Each of the swatches are two coats;


Index Finger | ND-S11 - I would describe this polish as a chunky ruby red glitter.
Middle Finger | ND-S28 - A neon barbie pink with silver and holographic glitter.
Ring Finger | ND-S18 - This is a vivid holographic purple colour with chunky purple glitter.
Little Finger | ND-S36 - A bright red shade with chunky silver glitter.
Thumb | ND-S05 - I'd describe this as being a black base with a scattered holographic glitter throughout it.

I have a 10% off code on all items from Born Pretty Store [HS7J61] if you would like to use it;

Born Pretty Store
$3.19 - 5ml


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