25 September 2019

Review: Eylure Dybrow Dye Kit - Black

Since buying this in March I have used it a couple of times.

Review-Eylure-Dybrow-Dye-Kit-BlackThe kit comes with the activator and dye as well as a mixing pot, mixing stick and a small eyebrow brush.

My eyebrows before are a light to medium brown, I dye my hair black and prefer it when they match as when they are different colours it looks slightly off on me.

Once I have mixed the product I like to apply it with a thin eyebrow brush in order to get a precise application. I don't find the eyebrow spoolie which comes with it very accurate.

Straight after washing off the dye my skin behind my brows is stained a darker colour which I don't like on myself. However after showering and washing my face a couple of times the staining is gone and my brows are left a darker brown colour which I prefer. The dye fades over about a six week period.

I wouldn't describe it as being a black dye, more a dark brown. The kit also does come in a brown option.

Overall I didn't find the chemical odour to irritate my eyes, it didn't make my brows look drawn on after a couple of washes and it lasted relatively well. I would repurchase this in the future. The box says it lasts for up to 12 applications but I think will last for longer.


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