3 November 2019

Shopping: October 2019

With Spooky season upon us I did end up buying two Halloween themed bits from Revolution. As well as some more glycerin which I seem to have misplaced the bottle I got last month.

Glycerin // Revolution Haunted House Palette // Revolution Horror Show Polish

As I finished a perfume and had a discount code I got a couple new ones from The Perfume People.

Sexy Bomb - Scent dupe for Lush Sex Bomb // Lorde Miserable - Scent dupe for Lush Lord of Misrule // Excess in Black - Scent dupe for Paco Rabanne Black XS

And finally some boring, yet essential bits from Tesco.

Vosene Shampoo // Garnier Ultimate Blends Conditioner // Sure Anti-perspirant


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  1. I got a fair few polishes in October and some stuff from Lush.


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