11 January 2020

Stamping Plate: Born Pretty Store - R001 - Valentine's Day [#48226]*

Review-stamping-Plate-Born-Pretty-Store-R001-Valentines-Day-#48226 Review-stamping-Plate-Born-Pretty-Store-R001-Valentines-Day-#48226

Born Pretty BP-R001 is a round stamping plate with three full nail images and 11 smaller images. It comes in a cardboard sleeve, the back of the plate has Born Pretty Store branding. Also comes with a protective blue film over top.


The theme for the plate is as the name suggests based on Valentine's Day, so hearts, kisses, couples etc. The full nail designs are on the smaller side, other than the large kissing couple image.


As you can see all of the images stamped across really well, including the more delicate fine lines, such as the word 'love'.

And here are two designs I created using this plate;

[Romantic Couple Nails]
[Couple Kissing Nails]
I have a 10% off code (HS7J61) if you would like to use it:


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