11 February 2020

Topic Tuesday: Top Valentine Polishes for 2020

From my collection I have chosen three polishes which I think are lovely for Valentine's Day.

A England Let Me In - A deeper pink / muted red holographic polishes, something for someone who doesn't want to be completely pink and out there.

Color Club Warhol - In contrast to the last polish this one is a neon pink, definitely vivid! 

Finally, Nails Inc Cambridge Mews - this is a berry shade, not as bright as Warhol but not as muted as Let Me In. A subtle nod to Valentine's Day.



  1. OMG I love Warhol! I remember those days when TK Maxx has loads of Color Clubs :-D

    1. They had loads of them in, I've not been in for a long time so don't know if they still have any of them.


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